Browns' Gary Barnidge launches scavenger hunt


Gary Barnidge has plenty to be thankful for this holiday season, so he's giving back. But you're going to have to earn it.

In what's become an annual Barnidge tradition, the Browns tight end posted a scavenger hunt list on his Twitter feed that's open to anyone in the United States. That means you! (Unless, you know, you're not from the United States.) Sorry.

Anyway, here's what you'll need to claim a prize:

And now let's power rank the tasks in order of difficulty, No. 1 being super simple and No. 10 legitimately difficult:

1. Picture of you mimicking a movie poster: This is easy. Don't do Star Wars. Be an original.
2. Video of you singing Christmas song in public place: This is embarrassing, but also easy.
3. Video of you reenacting scene from Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story: Fun. I'd go with anything Aunt Bethany related. "Is Rusty still in the Naaaaaavy?"
4. Video of you telling me somewhere you want to see in the United States and why: Simple, but pick a good place. Barnidge is extremely wealthy now; he might actually send you there if you win.
5. Picture of you with mall Santa: Sneaky tricky because that means you a) might have to wait on a line and b) pay to get the picture taken. I also hope you live near a mall.
6. Picture of you with a Best Buy employee holding your favorite movie: Jeez, I hope you live by a Best Buy. This is a potential deal-breaker.
7. Picture in front of a fully decorated house: Essentially rules out people living in major cities. Kind of bogus.
8. Picture of you with a receipt for 82 cents worth of gas: Fact: Trying to pump your gas to an exact cash total is nearly impossible. That trigger is sticky. It exists to annoy. Be prepared to attempt this several times. I hope there is a row of cars behind you.
9. Picture of you and your family in front of your Christmas tree: Deft move from Barnidge, who smoothly eliminates everyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas, have a family or decorate a tree.
10. Video of you buying something for someone you don't know at the mall: People are going to be creeped out by this. If you're a creepy person, you're gold.

Good luck ... and happy hunting.