Jets, Panthers owners dab after big wins on Sunday


If I can keep it real with you for a moment, I had no idea what dabbing was until Cam Newton hit an increasingly agitated Titans defense with the move a few weeks back. Shame.

Newton's celebration against Tennessee turned dabbing into a certified thing in the NFL this season. This kind of stuff doesn't always end well. Remember when everyone started celebrating touchdowns "Gangnam Style" a few years back? Yeesh. And who could forget the sporting world being swallowed up whole by "Who Let The Dogs Out" at the turn of the millennium?

I've tried to forget. I cannot. Help me.

Dabbing could meet the same eventual fate as a cultural cringe relic, but I have my doubts. It's a subtle little thing, and the absence of pomposity works in its favor. Furthermore, the simplicity of the move helps its universal appeal.

More simply put, anybody can do it. Even NFL owners. Here's Jets boss Woody Johnson after accepting a game ball following a 23-20 overtime win over the Giants on Sunday. When you haven't beaten big brother in 22 years, you just gotta dab:

But Sunday's best owner dab went down in -- where else? -- the Panthers' locker room, where 79-year-old Jerry Richardson sent Carolina players into wild hysterics with his own interpretation.

Where do you go from there? Only down, my friends. Only down.