J.J. Watt has more sacks than entire Bills front seven


You can have J.J. Watt or Rex Ryan's entire defensive front seven, which do you take?

If you want sacks, you'd better pick Watt.

J.J.'s sack total: 13.5.

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Combined sack total of the Buffalo Bills' defensive front: 13.

You read that correctly, every defensive lineman and linebacker Ryan has deployed this season has compiled half a sack fewer than the Houston Texans' game-wrecker.

If you toss in defensive backs, the Bills' entire defense barely edges out Watt, totaling just 16 for the season.

Watt is beastly, but his sack totals are on pace to match the 20.5 from a year ago. The biggest shock is how far the Bills' pass rush has dropped off.

In 2014 under defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, the Bills had 46 sacks through 11 games. Mario Williams, Jerry Hughes and Marcell Dareus all finished in the top 20 in sacks. In 2015, the Bills don't have anyone in the top 75.

"That's crazy," said Dareus, via the Buffalo News. "We've got to figure it out. They're getting rid of the ball; we got to kind of mix it up and make it fit like a puzzle."

Hughes (3) and Williams (3) lead the Bills in sacks.

"I mean, 30th in sacks is not real good. Wow!" Ryan exclaimed this week. "But I expect us to get better, I really do. We'll see. It's different for me. I've never been in this situation. I think the worst I've ever been in this league is 11th. It's new for me."

It's new and it's part of the reason the Bills have struggled to win games this season.

Meanwhile, Watt has led the Texans on a four-game winning streak.