Jordy Nelson says he's not reason offense is struggling

The Green Bay Packers' offense is out of kilter. You know it. I know it. The Packers know it.

The reason behind an Aaron Rodgers-led offense being ranked No 23 in the NFL in passing is debatable. Most point to receiver Jordy Nelson's preseason ACL injury as the primary component in a dismal stretch.

Nelson, however, would dispute that theory.

"I think that's the easy thing to say now," Nelson told "What's the big difference between this year and last year? Yeah, I guess I would be the one missing piece from last year. But I think every year is still different."

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Nelson compiled 98 catches for 1,519 yards last season, was the NFL's premier sideline pass-snagger and Rodgers' go-to target in tight spots. The Packers' clearly miss Nelson's sure hands, speed and the matchup problems he created.

Davante Adams has struggled with drops and has been one of the least efficient receivers in the NFL. Randall Cobb no longer benefits from mismatches with No. 2 corners and can't get on the same page with Rodgers. And James Jones is slow.

Nelson, however, insists the team's skid -- four losses in five games -- is more about missed opportunities than injury.

"I don't think that's what's going on," Nelson said. "I think guys aren't making the plays they're able to make. When you look at the Minnesota game, guys made plays and they put up 30 points against one of the top defenses in the NFC. Then the next game, they don't make the plays and we struggle."

The Packers' offense has been a wave of inconsistency, even during their 6-0 start to the season. Lack of continuity, a faltering run game, questionable play calling all played a role. 'Rodgers making a ridiculous play' was never a sustainable offense.

Nelson's injury hurt. A lot. Now the receiver is just focusing on what he had control.

"You want to be out there to help, but there's nothing I can do about it," Nelson said. "I don't stress over things that I have no control over."

Nelson getting healthy and returning to form as a top 10 receiver in 2016 would be a welcome sight for Rodgers and the Packers.