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Palmer teased for 'unathletic' game-winning scramble


Give Carson Palmer a break, man.

After a game-winning scramble against the 49ers late in Sunday's game, the 35-year-old quarterback went for the emphatic football spike, but slipped a bit on the delivery, which resulted in quite a tumble.

Needless to say, everyone saw it.

"I told him, 'Man, we need you for the rest of the season ... don't throw out your back,'" cornerback Patrick Peterson said, via "Luckily enough, he's good."

He added: "I did tell him that was very, very unathletic."

Palmer's move was reminiscent of your standard 40-and-over pickup game at the JCC when a few younger kids come in to fill out the teams and start running a fast-break offense. Palmer wasn't going to take it anymore and he beat a slew of corners and linebackers to the end zone in a tight divisional game.

If anything, the run was scarier than it was funny. Palmer tore his ACL on the move last season and has done nothing but prove his value ever since. He embodies this team and it's been nothing short of enjoyable to watch him and Bruce Arians take over this division together.

This is more than just Palmer's second act.

"I didn't think he was ever going to get there," Arians said of the run.

But how many of us said the same thing about Palmer when he went to Arizona in the first place? After those two seasons in Oakland, Palmer went 8-16 as a starter with a completion percentage hovering around 60 percent. During his first season with Arians, Palmer had more wins and fourth-quarter comebacks than he did during his entire run with the Silver and Black.

Look at him now, blazing his way into the end zone.


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