Calvin Pryor to Ryan Tannehill: Throw a better ball


Ryan Tannehill's disappointing day in New Jersey on Sunday turned sour after the Dolphins' 38-20 loss when he called out Jets safety Calvin Pryor for celebrating after a big hit on Dolphins receiver Rishard Matthews.

"That's kind of a classless move to celebrate when a guy is injured. Obviously, it was a good hit, a clean hit. But to celebrate when a guy is down is a classless move," Tannehill said.

Pryor made the hit on the play, but Tannehill seems to be tilting at windmills here. After rewatching the play a few times, it's clear Pryor is just celebrating the play he made. It didn't look like a taunt and Pryor appeared to have no idea Matthews was injured.

Pryor, for one, points out that Tannehill could have prevented the whole thing from happening.