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Billick: Buccaneers are team Panthers should fear


Which team could actually take the Panthers?

The NFL's surprise undefeated team is taking on all competitors this season, but still have five games to go before ending the regular season in perfect stride.

Every game, all season

The GameDay First crew debated which teams the Panthers should fear the most, with only one person, Brian Billick, listing a club left on Carolina's remaining schedule.

"I'm going to say the Tampa Bay Buccaneers," Billick said. "They have suddenly and quietly become the second-ranked rushing team in the National Football League with Doug Martin. This is the defense we thought we were going to get last year from Lovie Smith. And obviously Jameis Winston is beginning to show that stride. The game is not too big for him, yeah he's thrown nine interceptions, but four of them came in one game. If you take the one game away, he has really shown that his ability to get the ball down the field - he's got the big receivers and you add Doug Martin in the running game with the big receivers Evans and Vincent Jackson on the outside, watch out for those Tampa Bay Buccaneers."

Michael Robinson, a former Seahawks fullback, listed the Seahawks. Despite the fact that Carolina already beat Seattle this season, Robinson thought that Russell Wilson's mobility would be too much if there was a round two.

Billick's pick is interesting in that it is the last game on Carolina's schedule this season. Would Ron Rivera entertain resting Cam Newton that week? He's obviously the most important player on that team and possibly in the league right now. And could the Panthers beat Tampa Bay with Derek Anderson behind center?

Rivera will gladly cross that bridge when he gets there.


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