Vernon Davis: Osweiler and I connected 'from Day One'


Brock Osweiler is under center and Gary Kubiak is running his preferred set of play calls, which means the tight end is more heavily involved in Denver.

In Osweiler's first start last week, tight ends Owen Daniels and Vernon Davis were the Broncos' two leading receivers, combining for 10 caches and 137 yards.

Davis caught a team-high six passes from Osweiler after snagging just two in his previous two games with the Broncos. The tight end said his rapport with the young quarterback was on point from his first practice in Denver.

"Sometimes it takes awhile to get on the same page and develop that chemistry with a quarterback," Davis said, via the Denver Post. "But with this guy, it's like we connected from Day One."

Denver acquired Davis at the trade deadline to help replace the production lost when Julius Thomas left for Jacksonville.

With Osweiler physically able to perform Kubiak's bootleg-action plays, tight ends will have a bigger role in the coming weeks.

"Everything that is difficult turns out to be really good," said Davis, who had 18 catches for 194 yards with the 49ers before the trade. "That's the beauty of being here and I saw it right away. I was like, 'Wow, I dreamed of being in a place like this, a system, a coach who understands talent.'"

Even in his 10th season, Davis remains a threat and, in Kubiak's offense, could become a major weapon down the stretch.