College ranks biggest threat to lure Chip Kelly


As the losses pile up in Philadelphia and vultures circle in the form of anonymous sources, the future of Chip Kelly will be heavily questioned as we drive toward the end of the calendar year.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Thursday on NFL Network's GameDay Morning that if Kelly decides to move on, it's likely that he's taking his talents back to college.

"Nobody close to him actually knows what he's going to do," Rapoport said. "Colleges are certainly much more of a threat than NFL teams. Mainly because if he did want to change teams, it's incredibly complicated in the NFL. But USC still has interest in Chip Kelly. They would pose the biggest threat to him. But when you do talk to people with knowledge of his thinking, what they offer up is that maybe he'll still want to prove that he can fix the Eagles. He doesn't want to look like he bailed on the situation, as he did with Oregon."

Never underestimate the hubris of a football coach.

Unless the Eagles' season completely bottoms out, it's unlikely the team would fire Kelly -- who available is better to replace him? So, unless the coach has had enough with the NFL way of life and would rather go back to recruiting 17-year-old high school kids, Kelly probably is not going anywhere in 2016.