Tony Romo-led Cowboys' prospects: Can Dallas still take the NFC East?

With Tony Romo's return from a broken clavicle came the Cowboys' first win since Week 2 -- when Dallas' star quarterback suffered the injury. Yes, Romo brought the 'Boys back to winning ways Sunday, improving their record to 3-7.

The Cowboys made up ground in the NFC East race -- as the Redskins (4-6) and Eagles (4-6) both fell on Sunday -- and now sit two games behind the New York Giants (5-5). With six games left in the regular season, including a meeting with undefeated Carolina on Thanksgiving Day, what will the Cowboys' record be at season's end -- and will they win the NFC East?

Cowboys don't have enough help to support Tony Romo
They'll win three more games and finish 6-10. I don't think they'll win out. It's even hard for New England, the best team, to do it. The other thing is the Cowboys aren't good. Tony Romo is a good player, but it takes more than one guy to change a season. They only have three wins through Week 11, and that's just not enough to build off and make a serious push going forward.
Dallas will re-establish itself as imposing team we saw in Weeks 1 and 2
The Cowboys' schedule is tough, but I think they can win five of their last six, finish 8-8 and win the NFC East. Tony Romo coming back gives them a more explosive offense with which they'll be able to attack defenses through the air with Jason Witten and Dez Bryant. Also, Terrance Williams will become a factor again and Cole Beasley can make contributions. The pass game will open up the Darren McFadden-led run game, which will allow Dallas to control the clock. That will take a lot of pressure off their defense, which has played pretty well for most of the season.

With Romo coming back, the Cowboys have a complete team and will get back to playing like they were early in the season.
Seven-game skid just too much for Dallas to overcome
The Cowboys will finish 7-9, which won't be enough to take the division, as the Giants will win eight or nine games. The Cowboys aren't going to win this week. I think Carolina is going to go into AT&T Stadium and put on a show.

Dallas dug a hole that's too deep to come back from. Seven losses in a row is too much. The Cowboys will finish stronger and they'll be better than they have been, but it's a little too late. The only reason we're debating this is because they're lucky that there isn't a runaway winner in the NFC East.
Cowboys will come close, but Giants will win division
Dallas will go 5-1 in the next six games, and that one loss will come to the Panthers on Thanksgiving. Finishing 8-8 is a good record after a seven-game slide, but I don't think the Giants are going to drop off that much. Tony Romo and the Cowboys will do everything in their power to win that division, but they also have to depend on Big Blue to have a complete collapse at the end of the year. That's not going to happen.
Romo's return will spark comeback run to division title
Right now, the Cowboys don't have any other choice but to win out. They finish 9-7 and win it all -- the division, that is. The difference between the Cowboys with Tony Romo and without him is confidence. They lacked confidence and lost seven games. With him back, they all believe they can win, and that can change a team's entire morale. The Dolphins played lights out against Dallas on Sunday, and they still lost by 10.
Cowboys won't muster more than three more wins
I'll give them three more victories, which will put them at 6-10. Even if their division is weak, the winner is going to have more than six wins.

Having Tony Romo back is great, but the Cowboys don't have enough to run the table. On the flip side, the Giants are starting to find their rhythm, and other teams aren't going to play as poorly as Miami did against Dallas.

Now is the time of the season when teams are playing really well, more mistake-free football. I don't think the Cowboys will win as many games as people think.
Eli Manning and Co. won't let division title slip away
I think the Cowboys could go 8-8, but it's still going to be too rough a road. They really put themselves in a tough position by not winning one game while Romo was out. The New York Giants are two games ahead of them and they'll stay ahead. Tony Romo needed to come back just a little sooner.

I do have an upset alert! The Cowboys are beating the Panthers because of the matchups in the trenches. Carolina will suffer its first loss of the season on Thanksgiving Day.