Rob Ryan on Saints' D: Ranked 33rd out of 32 teams


The New Orleans Saints fired coordinator Rob Ryan this week after watching one of the worst defenses in NFL make pedestrians look like superstars game after game this season.

Speaking on NFL Network's GameDay Morning, Ryan admitted a change had to be made in New Orleans.

Every game, all season

"Something had to be done," he said. "Right now the defense is ranked 33rd in the league and there's only 32 teams."

The Saints' defense currently ranks 32nd in the NFL in points per game allowed (31.5) and total yards per game given up (424.7), 30th in the NFL in pass yards per game (293.1) and 29th in rushing yards allowed (131.6).

Despite owning terrible defenses the last two seasons in New Orleans -- after leading the NFL's No. 4 ranked D in 2013 -- Ryan believes he'll be back on the sideline again.

"I had a lot to do with it," Ryan said. "...Everything in New Orleans is being blamed on me including Katrina and I think it's a little farfetched. So the bottom line is this. I'll hold my head high and walk out into the sunset, but believe me, I'm coming back with a vengeance."

Ryan has only had a Top 10 defense (YPG) in two of 12 seasons as a defensive coordinator (2013 in New Orleans and 2006 with the Raiders).