Rex on reunion with Rob: 'I'll never say never'


Could we be headed for a Rex and Rob Ryan reunion?

While the simple answer is no, and has been no every time Rob has become available over the last six seasons, Rex sounded the most open to reuniting with his twin on Tuesday when asked by reporters if Rob could find a role on his staff. Rob Ryan was fired by the Saints on Monday.

Every game, all season

"A lot of things have to (happen)," Rex said Tuesday. "I mean, I'll never say never, that's for sure. We've kind of purposefully set a path going to different teams. He's his own man, I'm my own man, and we've purposefully set that path.

"With that being said, I ain't gonna lie to you -- I think it would be pretty fun. If it could help, obviously you consider it, but he would have to consider it as well. We got great coaches already here, and so ... but we'll see."

This came after a few minutes of Rex backpedaling on the subject, which he's done almost every time he's been asked about it. Though it's hard to believe, Rex has a certain zen to the defensive side of his staff and likes to work with a short list of coaches he can trust. His core group, which includes defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman, linebackers coach Bobby April III, defensive line coach Karl Dunbar, defensive assistant D'Anton Lynn and defensive backs coach Tim McDonald has been with Rex or connected to Rex for years.

Rob is a two-time Super Bowl winner with the Patriots and certainly would bring a valuable perspective, but that could shake up a group that Rex values more than anything, and should.

The comedic value would be tremendous, of course, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Rex give it a chance closer to the end of his career. He is, after all, quite sentimental and would probably jump at the chance to finish his career with Rob.

Until then, it might be a longshot. A pipe dream to all of us who want the mid-90s Cardinals back together.