Pacman: Texans act like it's Super Bowl after win


Bengals cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones is playing the best football of his career at 32. And Monday night, after a narrow Texans victory upended the Bengals' perfect season, he was more than happy to take the blame for the loss.

It wasn't Jones' fault of course. DeAndre Hopkins made one of the most ridiculous catches we've seen all season. But Jones has turned into that kind of guy in the Bengals' locker room, which seems to have achieved a nice balance of veteran and youth leadership after so long.

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Just don't -- if you are the Texans -- flaunt that victory in Jones' face. He might have achieved a new level of zen at his age, but there's something about a 4-5 team celebrating that doesn't sit right with Jones.

"They f------ won a game," Jones said, via FOX Sports. "We're 8-1. How many games have they won? Thank God for them.

"They've won four f------ games. They act like they won the Super Bowl. Kudos to them."

The Texans, over the years, have been a team that can be hard to swallow when winning or losing. There was the whole letterman's jacket bit of nonsense, and there are certainly enough people who have grown tired of J.J. Watt's hyper-earnestness (or, apparently, playful jabs at Andy Dalton).

So we can see where Jones is coming from here. The Bengals put on an amazing first half of the season and treated their fans to arguably the best moments of the Marvin Lewis era so far, which is no small task. Now, they have to face the frustration of falling to a team that isn't very easy to lose to.

We feel sorry for whichever Cardinals receiver plans on drawing Jones this Sunday night.