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Caldwell thinks he'll remain Lions coach through bye


The Lions are not playing a game this Sunday, and are 1-7, and just fired three of their assistants before heading to London, where they got waxed by the Chiefs, 45-10.

For those who don't believe head coach Jim Caldwell is doing an adequate job, this bye week opportunity seems like the perfect time to make a change. The team has a dynamic defensive coordinator in Teryl Austin who was getting some serious head coaching buzz a year ago. He would be the likely successor.

But Caldwell is pumping the breaks on this theory.

Every game, all season

"You know what, I'm working every single day," Caldwell said, via "My job is to go in and get the job done. Those (employment) things are answered by someone else, and not me. But I fully anticipate being able to continue to do my job."

First off, let's state the obvious for the outraged: If Caldwell, a man who presumably wants to coach again if he gets let go by the Lions, had said "yeah, I'm doing a really poor job here, I deserve to get fired," he would never coach again.

In terms of whether he'll actually be fired, that's up to the owners upstairs.

If the Dolphins played a decently-competitive game against the Patriots on Thursday with an interim head coach, maybe we'd see a few more motivated owners try and make the leap. Dan Campbell was an inspirational story for a few weeks and could very well hang on to the job in Miami if the Dolphins continue to play well. But, the lopsided loss to New England might have scared some away.

This is a copycat league after all and there's no doubt Lions ownership has its eyes and ears all over the league. Still, they have to weigh the desire to make a change against the reality of the situation: Caldwell needs to get paid for a couple of more years and he loaded up the offense with players that fit his scheme. It's a giant knot to undo.