EJ Manuel first starting QB to lose in three countries


Here is a sad factoid about EJ Manuel.

Every game, all season

The third-year quarterback went to London last weekend and came home empty-handed after a 34-31 defeat to the Jaguars. The loss dropped Manuel to 0-2 as a starter for the Bills this season, and also earned him an ignominious niche in NFL history.

Manuel is now the only starting quarterback to lose games in three different countries. That according to the NFL Media Research team, which went back as far as 1950 and found no other QB who could have served as a trailblazer for Buffalo's embattled former first-round pick.

Manuel has lost a mess of starts in America -- nine to be exact. As a rookie in 2013, he traveled to Canada and was conquered in overtime by the Falcons in the death rattle of the neglected Bills Toronto Series.

And now, Mother England. If there's a Western New York beat reporter brave enough to ask Manuel about his new place in history, we will buy you a plate of wings the next time we're up there. If not, we get it.

Really, we do.