Rex: Patriots were 'clearly trying to embarrass' Bills

Rex Ryan's dangerous fascination with the New England Patriots still rages on in proud Buffalo.

Pepsi Rookie of the Week nominees:

The Bills coach on Wednesday waxed poetic over Eli Manning -- the Giants quarterback set to face Buffalo this Sunday -- by saying: "I like the fact that he beat (Patriots passer Tom) Brady twice. I like that. I'm not all the way over the Brady butt-kicking he did against us."

From there, Rex tumbled further down the wormhole, opining over his team's 40-32 loss to New England in Week 2 by acknowledging that "our emotions got the better of us, but I loved how we battled back when a team was clearly trying to embarrass us," per Tyler Dunne of The Buffalo News.

Bully for you, Rex, but why keep talking about a loss from two weeks ago? Instead of pulling a page from Bill Belichick's book -- on to the Giants! -- Ryan continues to obsessively reference a team he won't see again until Week 11.

To their credit, the Bills bounced back in tremendous fashion in Week 3, dropping a dirty bomb on Miami with 428 total yards and 41 points against a lost-at-sea Dolphins defense.

There's plenty to like about this year's Bills, but Buffalo's success boils down to Ryan keeping his team focused on what's down the road -- and not the flaming car wreck in the rear-view mirror.