Josh Freeman to play for FXFL's Brooklyn Bolts


Josh Freeman's career has taken an interesting turn.

Every game, all season

The former first-round pick of the Bucs won't be toiling for an NFL team this autumn, but the quarterback's playing career isn't over yet. Freeman has joined forces with the Brooklyn Bolts of the Fall Experimental Football League.

It's unclear where Freeman is going with this. The FXFL has served as a productive staging ground for young players on the fringe of the NFL. Tajh Boyd, Ryan White and Tim Flanders have passed through its doors, but Freeman, by all accounts, has come to the end of his NFL journey.

At 27, he's fizzled out with the Bucs, Vikings, Giants and Dolphins. Once a promising talent under center, Freeman's career was dotted with criticism over his late meeting appearances and inability to grasp the playbook.

He's not giving up, but if he can't make it in Brooklyn, he can't make it anywhere.