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Tom Coughlin preaches perspective to Giants


Tom Coughlin's flat circle of motivational techniques has finally rotated a full 360 degrees.


For the third straight year, his team is off to an 0-2 start and for the second time in three seasons, he is trying to teach his players the importance of perspective.

"The situation in our division is very obvious to all of you," Coughlin said, via The New York Post. "I'm going to point that out to our team, how important this upcoming game is."

This is almost exactly the same speech he gave his players during the 2013 season, which saw them fight back to 4-6 after a disastrous 0-6 start. It was enough to dangle the carrot back then, but will it be enough this time?

Sometimes, experience allows coaches to handle things with an awareness and inner calm that new coaches simply cannot. Sometimes, it gets coaches stuck on a broken record of sorts that loses its impact over time.

We will see which one of those holds true for Coughlin, who has been masterful at times over his 12 years with the Giants. If he can pull this team out of 0-2, it would be one of his finest jobs yet.