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Sean Payton: Clark Kent not walking through the door


Saints coach Sean Payton will be tasked with finding a more practical solution to his 0-2 problem, because he knows a fantastical solution isn't possible.

Every game, all season

"Clark Kent isn't walking through that door," Payton told reporters on Monday, a day after the Saints fell 26-19 to the Buccaneers and rookie quarterback Jameis Winston.

What is most puzzling about the Saints' sluggish start is that their offensive line has held up relatively well. Analytics site Pro Football Focus has both Terron Armstead and Zach Streif among their top 12 offensive tackles. Max Unger is one of their best centers. And yet, Mark Ingram is barely averaging three yards per carry. Brees has the 24th-best adjusted passer rating among every day starters.

On Sunday, their defense was dynamic and forced the Buccaneers into some uncomfortable situations after Rob Ryan dipped heavily into his speed rush package. So, what gives?

Assuming Kent -- or as Payton was likely referring to, Superman -- doesn't arrive any time soon, the Saints have to figure out a way to fix an offense that was one of the league's most feared just a few years ago.

Their next two games -- the 2-0 Carolina Panthers and the 2-0 Dallas Cowboys -- offer little reprieve despite Dallas' unfortunate string of injuries. It will be Brees, who admittedly suffered some shoulder discomfort after taking a heavy hit, that will take them there.

Brees is the closest thing Payton has to Clark Kent, after all.


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