What to watch for during Monday doubleheader

We've already had a season's worth of ebbs and flows in our Week 1 slate, and the best -- or at least the most curious -- may be yet to come. A Monday night doubleheader pits the Eagles against the Falcons (7:10 p.m. ET) before a nightcap between the 49ers and Vikings (10:20 p.m. ET). Though teams like the Patriots, Bills, Colts and Packers soaked up many of the offseason storylines, there are still plenty of major questions to be answered tonight.

Every game, all season

Here are a few we're looking out for:

Eagles at Falcons (7:10 p.m. ET)

1. Chip Kelly spent the preseason ransacking any team -- practice or exhibition -- that came within an arm's length of him. This year should be his magum opus in that all of the pieces to the puzzle are finally in place. Kelly has ousted any player who doesn't conform to his system and has loaded his club with talented -- but risky -- free agents. The question here is quite simple: Will it work?

2. Sam Bradford was remarkably accurate during the preseason and is now absorbed in an offense that prides itself on creating openings for wide receivers. Could this end up being the moment when we realize that Bradford was every bit the Andrew Luck-ian prospect we thought him to be coming out? Kelly certainly hopes so. After losing out on the Marcus Mariota sweepstakes, this is the best available vehicle out there to legitimize his master plan.

3. The Eagles weren't the only team undergoing rapid change this offseason. Though Dan Quinn's defense is garnering plenty of attention and might be the missing piece after years of futility on that side of the ball, he did pair himself with former Browns and Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. The moving parts in Shanahan's offense have been a breath of fresh air throughout the league and, so far, stand alone as the only set of plays to truly bring out the best in Robert Griffin III. Now, he inherets by far his best quarterback in Matt Ryan. What can he do to take Ryan's game to the next level?

4. With injuries taking a chunk out of the 2015 pass rushing class so far, Atlanta's Vic Beasley has a chance to stand alone as the best sack master in his class (for one year, at least). The Defensive Rookie of the Year race isn't really shaping up yet, but could Bradford's lack of mobility and placement in a zone-read offense leave him as a target for an athletic rusher who has turned some heads so far this preseason?

Vikings at 49ers (10:20 p.m. ET)

1. Though it's entirely obvious, Adrian Peterson will be commanding the attention of the football world tonight when he returns to the field. The 30-year-old not only shoulders the weight of the fantasy football universe, but also carries with him an extremely young -- but hopeful -- Vikings team. As impressive as Teddy Bridgewater has been this preseason, the Vikings will only go as far as Peterson takes them. That is why, after a near season-long suspension in 2014, A.P. was able to walk into a better financial situation than he was in a year ago.

2. An Australian journalist told 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula that Australia would declare war on the United States if crossover sports star Jarryd Hayne didn't have an active role in tonight's contest. To take a step back, though, Hayne is already nearing a pretty unprecedented territory and could have a relatively important role on a team that is undergoing massive change. Ask any rugby league or Aussie rules or national federation star who has tried to make the conversion in the past, and they'll tell you how incredibly difficult it is and Hayne might be returning punts with the game on the line.

3. It seems like we're promised a new version or a different version of Colin Kaepernick every season, and now the parameters of the situation have completely changed. The new weapons that were brought in are completely different than the old ones, and despite Tomsula being a first-time head coach and having to be intentionally vague in the preseason, he needed every moment of practice time to put this together. As they try to rise out of a horrendous offseason, they will stand alone as one of the most fascinating teams in football. A young team that seemed ready to churn out championship-level performances for half a decade is starting over tonight.