Bills RB Anthony Dixon: Win over Colts was a statement


By its construct, a Rex Ryan team thrives on confidence and the art of being an underdog.

Every game, all season

Oh, and on Sunday, they stunned the Super Bowl favorite Colts at home in a blowout that temporarily calmed questions about their quarterback and elevated a defense that was already expected to be among the best in football.

Running back Boobie Dixon summed it up nicely in an interview with The Buffalo News.

"That was a statement," he said. "We feel like a problem for the league. So, I guess, look out! Buffalo's on the way."

The best part about Ryan's teams, and it holds true more than almost any other coach in football, is that his players begin to talk just like him. This is also true with Bill Belichick, but Belichick doesn't talk about statement wins and how everyone else needs to watch out.

When the Bills began loading up on talent this offseason, the immediate reaction was to wonder whether or not they could challenge the Patriots. It was easy to say yes without seeing a functional version of all these pieces put together, and it was easy to say no when the team started three quarterbacks in three weeks during the preseason.

Now, though, Ryan's scheme and construct has momentum again and gives us the perfect opportunity to re-open that question. Dixon may be right after all.