'Do Your Job' offers inside access to Patriot Way


The NFL Films special Do Your Job: Bill Belichick and the 2014 New England Patriots begins with a slow-motion shot of Belichick stepping into team headquarters. The door closes behind The Hooded One, and suddenly, you -- the viewer -- are inside the operation with the best coach in football.

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What comes next is 46 minutes of candid access to perhaps the most guarded, nay, secretive franchise in the history of American professional sports. Access is good!

Here are six things we learned from Do Your Job, which premiered Wednesday night on NFL Network.

1. The special does a nice job hitting on all the touch points of the season. The first of which comes after an embarrassing loss to the Chiefs in Kansas City that dropped the Patriots to 2-2 and led to much speculation about the demise of the Brady/Belichick era.

"The best part of that is they were telling Tommy he was all done," owner Robert Kraft recalls. "I mean, there's nothing better that can happen to get his competitive juices going, so thank you to all the people and media people who did that."

The Pats played 15 games after the loss in Kansas City. From that point on, Brady threw 39 touchdowns against 15 interceptions with a passer rating north of 100. The Pats went 13-2.

2. We get an in-depth look at the work that went into the successful execution of the ineligible receiver formation that helped spark the Pats' big comeback over the Ravens in the divisional round. New England rolled out the confusing plays in the second half, putting Baltimore in a position where they wouldn't be able to adequatedly defend it until their season was already over.

Said offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo: "First time in my career, coaching 24 years, that we only had four offensive lineman on the field."

3. There is some very subtle tweaking of the Colts here. Pats coaches acknowledge they buried Indianapolis in the AFC title game with the same run-heavy scheme they used in a regular-season win earlier in the year. Do Your Job shows the viewer how much thought the coaching staff puts into gameplans each week. Against the Colts, they simply played the bully.

"I don't think it was the same general approach ... it was the same approach," DeGuglielmo says. "Until they stopped us, we were gonna use it."

4. The Patriots present themselves as a franchise flabbergasted when the Deflategate controversy explodes. Obviously, this is a one-sided look at the saga, but we did enjoy Belichick offering some context behind his infamous My Cousin Vinny reference.

"I've seen the movie 50 times, so she was the best all-time great expert witness," Belichick says with a sheepish grin. "I wasn't trying to be that."

5. Julian Edelman's go-ahead touchdown catch in the fourth quarter against the Seahawks came on a play the Patriots had never practiced. The play was installed in a Phoenix hotel ball room the night before the game.

6. Kraft on Jermaine Kearse's juggling miracle catch late in the fourth quarter: "I just said, 'Oh, we have no effing luck.'" Not included: A dash of irony about how all this started.

7. Brandon Browner deserves some love. The Patriots cut ties with the lanky cornerback after the season, but Browner played a major role in the Super Bowl win. It was Browner's coverage that helped neutralize Chris Matthews after a monster first half. And it was Browner who jammed his man in coverage and allowed Malcolm Butler to dart in front of Russell Wilson's goal line pass in the fourth quarter, sealing an iconic Pats win.