Baldwin: Chancellor's holdout is the 'price of success'


Kam Chancellor's holdout reached it's 26th day on Tuesday and it has no appearance of ending anytime soon.

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Even as games that count rapidly approach, the safety's Seattle Seahawks teammates aren't miffed about the three-time Pro Bowler's stance on his contract situation.

"I support Kam Chancellor the person. I know what he stands for. I know that it's a difficult time both for the organization and for him. Gotta get through it," receiver Doug Baldwin said, via "It's part of what this team is. It's the price of success. You have so much talent here, so many guy that want to get paid, that need to get paid. It's just the price of success."

Chancellor's stance underscores the conundrum for successful teams who often see talent siphoned away by franchises that can afford to pay more.

Winning leads to prosperity, prosperity costs money. In the NFL, it costs a lot of money. Unfortunately, the salary cap will always be the equalizer.

Whether Chancellor is willing to continue his holdout when regular season games begin remains to be seen.

It's a reality his teammates would rather not think about.

"Could I imagine it? I don't want to," Baldwin said.

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