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L.A. Rams fans flock to see former team in Oxnard


The Cowboys dealt with a massive overflow of fans to their Oxnard, Calif., training camp site on Monday, but it had nothing to do with anyone on their roster.

Every game, all season

The Rams were in town, and apparently there's still a massive portion of their fan base left over from 1994, the year the team moved to St. Louis.

Sensing an opportunity to sway the NFL owners who will decide on a team's eventual move to Los Angeles, they made themselves heard.

"They told us there were going to be a lot," Rams tight end Jared Cook told The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "But I wasn't really expecting that many. With the Rams, this used to be their home city. I wasn't expecting to see that many people. It was pretty cool."

Per the paper, the attendance rose by roughly 5,400.

The accompanying scene was great, so long as you're not one of the fans desperate to see the team remain in St. Louis. The fans were making their intentions quite clear.

If nothing else, it will provide an interesting subplot to what we thought would be the highlight of this week's joint practices: An epic battle between the NFL's best offensive and defensive lines.

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