Philip Rivers: Move concerns weren't over L.A. 'hatred'


Philip Rivers signed a contract extension over the weekend, all but ending speculation that he could end his career with a team other than the Chargers.

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Uncertainty defined Rivers' offseason from afar, with talk of the quarterback being unhappy with the prospect of the Chargers making a move from San Diego to Los Angeles in the near future. In a Monday press conference, Rivers explained that his thoughts on a move had been "misinterpreted."

"My hesitation and my lack of excitement for a potential move was more about the thought of leaving this community than it was about disdain for L.A.," Rivers explained. "Again, that's still out of my control. Nobody knows. It wasn't a hatred of Los Angeles. It was more of a love for this community. This is where all but one of my children have been born and where my family has grown over the last decade."

Rivers added that negotiations toward a new deal did not involve talk of a team move. Instead, the motivation was born out of a committment from both sides "to finish this thing off the right way."

Rivers was asked about his expectations for the team's future.

"I don't know that I have one," he said. "My expectation is that I'll be a Charger and as of today, that's a San Diego Charger. That's the only expectation I really have and can have at this point. I don't have any of the answers and I don't think many people have the answers. If they did, there would be something concrete out there."

The Chargers have to be absolutely thrilled to get this deal done. An organizational move is a massive subplot to hang on a team, and having the star quarterback's future potentially tied to a move was plain messy from all angles.

Now Rivers is happy, paid, and ready to move forward. The organization's future might be unsettled, but the team with Rivers is on firm ground.

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