Terrell Suggs throwing shade at Matt Schaub


Matt Schaub has been picked off plenty over the past few years. Now he's getting picked on.

The Ravens backup passer has endured the constant barbs of pass rusher Terrell Suggs in practice, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Every game, all season

The trend continued Saturday as Suggs watched Schaub whip a pass out of bounds, and yelled: "Everything up until the throw looked really good."

Schaub looked at Suggs, then looked away, per the newspaper, going about his business. Later in the session, Schaub weaved the ball into the hands of rookie wideout DeAndre Carter, who beat safety Will Hill in coverage.

"It's OK, Will," Suggs shouted. "A broken clock is right twice a day."

The Sun noted that Suggs has been on Schaub's case for days, badgering the passer after a string of incompletions last week by saying: "Your guys are the guys in purple!"

Suggs is having fun with the team's No. 2 passer, but there's nothing funny about the prospect of Schaub playing. He ranked near the bottom of our backup quarterback rankings and hasn't looked like a functional signal-caller in two-plus seasons.

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