Hopkins to D-Hall: 'Hope treatment going well'


If you missed the first episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks" with the Houston Texans you might not be aware of a little squabble between receiver DeAndre Hopkins and Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

During a scrimmage, Hall -- from the sidelines -- got into the chest of Hopkins. The receiver took offense, uttering the phrase "I fear God, boy," and dismissing Hall's provocations.

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Next, on the field, we saw Hopkins make a quick cut to the outside with Hall in coverage. The corner can't handle the break and he slipped to the turf injured. Hopkins responded: "I just finished it. I didn't start nothing."

It was a great moment of an entertaining opening episode.

As Around The NFL's Gregg Rosenthal pointed out on this week's podcast, the play defined Hall's career in a nutshell: unnecessary honking, backed by disappointment on the field.

On Thursday, Hall had presumably heard enough about how he got toasted by Hopkins. The feud spilled over to Twitter:

It didn't take long for Hopkins to parry back:

Boom! Mic. Drop.

Someone call Meek Mill and see if he's got a spare ice pack for D-Hall.

UPDATE: Of course, Hall wasn't going to take the snipe without a retort:

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