Lance Briggs: At times I wanted to punch Jay Cutler


The Geno Smith incident in the New York Jets locker room has brought a lot of questions out of the woodwork.

After discussing the situation and locker room dynamic Tuesday night on NFL Network, guest analyst Lance Briggs was asked if he ever wanted to punch quarterback Jay Cutler when the two were with the Chicago Bears.

"There have been times, yeah, but there have been a lot of quarterbacks..." Briggs told Andrew Siciliano. "Why didn't I do it? Out of respect."

I watched the above video about a dozen times and while part of him was clearly making a joke of the question, Briggs is nothing if not honest.

The former linebacker played 12 seasons with the Bears, including eight games last year before going on IR. He's played with a lot of quarterbacks -- many, many bad ones.

Briggs said there were other non-Cutler quarterbacks who frustrated him to the point of physical disgust: Craig Krenzel, Caleb Hanie, Rex Grossman, Kordell Stewart and Jonathan Quinn.

"Yes, I wanted to punch (Quinn) because the defense was on the field 90 plays a game (in 2004)," Briggs said laughing.

Two quarterbacks were spared by Briggs: Brian Griese and Kyle Orton.

The key here is that Briggs didn't punch Cutler -- or any other quarterback -- because he understands that would have solved nothing for the Bears.

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