Cam: 'You've never seen a guy in a red jersey like me'


Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton got in a scuffle at practice Monday with corner Josh Norman.

The story blew up because generally quarterbacks remain above the fray during training camp fights.

On Tuesday, the Panthers' quarterback poked fun of the fight -- and the social reaction -- with a fantastic "Rumble in the Jungle" shirt.

Newton made it clear he doesn't regret getting into the scrum, because said he's not the prototypical quarterback who would back off. He also added there is no ill will between himself and Norman.

A sampling of Newton quotes:

On QBs not usually being involved in fights: "You've never seen a guy in a red (non-contact) jersey like me," he said. "I'm not going to perform the way you want me to. I'm here for those guys in (the locker room)."

"What's the blueprint of a franchise quarterback?" he asked rhetorically. "Leading your team. I'm not going to have anyone dictate how I play."

"I have no regrets for what I've done ... There's no hard feelings between no one in the locker room, including myself and Josh."

"It's football. ... Emotions are going to flare. ... From the outside looking in, you might see a scuffle. But there's more to it than that."

"I think we're making a big deal about nothing."

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