Rex Ryan: Bills considered signing Michael Vick


Confounded with the most underwhelming quarterback room in the league, Bills coach Rex Ryan considered reuniting with free agent Michael Vick prior to training camp.

"I had a conversation with Mike," Ryan told PFT Live on Friday. "Mike's an outstanding athlete, he's a tremendous person. I really enjoyed my year with Mike, and he's great for a team. However, our conditions are a little different than most teams in this league.

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"And Mike will tell you, he's not built really for a bad weather quarterback. He doesn't have great big hands, and the weather affects him some. And he'd be the first one to tell you. ... Quite honestly, I considered it. We considered it. And I know that's not the spot for him."

The wind and precipitation in Buffalo are notoriously the NFL's harshest in December and January.

It's interesting to note that Ryan and the Jets acquired Vick to play last season in New Jersey, which isn't exactly balmy Glendale, Arizona or Tampa Bay, Florida.

Perhaps that year with Vick enlightened Ryan as to the quarterback's ill fit in wind and snow.

As unappetizing as Ryan finds that scenario, he might reconsider after watching a merry-go-round of Tyrod Taylor, Matt Cassel and EJ Manuel in the season's first couple of months.

In the meantime, he runs the risk of losing that insurance policy once the Ravens realize they are better off pairing Vick with former offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg than counting on a turnover-prone backup quarterback who can no longer pull off NFL throws.

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