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Lions DB Slay wants a new nickname: 'The Earth'


Lions cornerback Darius Slay is hoping to take over the world -- or something like that.

After a lighthearted on-field session with former teammate and NFL Media analyst Nate Burleson, Slay told The Detroit Free Press that he can cover anyone in the world.

Top 10 lists:

"I can cover anybody on this planet," Slay said. "I am The Earth. Call me The Earth."

While geographically this is an improvement from Darrelle Revis' Island, I think the nickname might need some work.

Slay, of course, is already affectionately known as Big Play Slay, a pretty phenomenal nickname all things considered. Why would he want to upgrade?

Perhaps it's a confidence thing. The 2013 second-round pick had an excellent sophomore season, logging 18 passes defensed, 49 tackles and a pair of interceptions. As the Lions' defense continues to evolve under coordinator Teryl Austin, Slay should be a big part of the mix.

Maybe in a few years, we'll all be calling him "The Earth."

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