Jets' Marshall: I had the 'huevos' to challenge Cutler


Speaking to NFL Network last week, Jay Cutler said of Brandon Marshall that "no one likes their ex-girlfriend after a breakup." Cutler's words seem even truer after reading Marshall's latest comments on Cutler.

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"I feel like I was the only one in the organization that had the huevos to hold (Cutler) accountable," Marshall said Thursday on ESPN's First Take via Kimberly Martin of Newsday.

Marshall's subsequent stream of consciousness following his Cutler comment was about as close as he's come to directly questioning Cutler's work ethic.

"I think when you strap it on and you say I'm going to play for the Chicago Bears, I'm playing for the New York Jets, you give it your all. You've got to play for more than the money, you've got to play for more than yourself," Marshall said. "That's the way this works. Some of us get it and some of us don't. And last year, I just felt like we had all the pieces and I just felt like there were a few things that were missing."

These are the sort of whispers that have followed Cutler around on and off the record for years. Marshall at least puts his name on the accusations.

It's been a big week for passive aggressive, comical quotes related to Cutler.

"His intelligence is way better than what I thought," offensive coordinator Adam Gase said of Cutler Wednesday via ESPN. "His ability to communicate with his teammates (is impressive) because he's further ahead than everybody else. He's able to get our wideouts on the same page."

That quote was intended as a compliment but we couldn't help remembering a post that Around The NFL wrote two years ago.

"Jay Cutler is 'borderline' brilliant, Bears QB coach says," our headline read. That was the impression that the last new coaching staff had of Cutler after working with him in the offseason.

Cutler seems to make a fast, good impression. But the coaches around him don't last for long.

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