Darren McFadden 'feeling good;' could return Saturday


Darren McFadden has yet to see the field during Dallas Cowboys training camp. That could change this weekend.

After doing some side work Wednesday, McFadden will test out his tweaked hamstring today and decide if he can practice on Saturday (the Cowboys have Friday off), per the Dallas Morning News.

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"I went out there and did a couple of good runs for a few days and I'm feeling good, didn't get sore or anything," McFadden said Wednesday. "I did a little straight-line running and a little cutting, so I got a good feel for it. It's one of those things where the trainers want to make sure I can put a couple of days back to back before they throw me back out there. I'm just looking forward to getting back out there on the field. No soreness or swelling the next day, so definitely a good sign for me."

If the frustration level is rising in Cowboys camp about McFadden's inability to stay on the field, it begins with the running back.

"Man, I hate (watching teammates practice without me), especially me being here on a new team," McFadden said. "I want to be in there getting those reps with those guys and fighting with them. It's one of those deals right now that I just have to sit back and be patient and let it heal up all the way."

Getting McFadden back on the field soon is vital for the coaching staff to evaluate how the carries will be dispersed early in the season.

While Joseph Randle appears the leader for the starting gig at this stage, he's not a workhorse. The Cowboys need a healthy McFadden.

Unfortunately, "healthy McFadden" has been an oxymoron of late.

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