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B.J. Raji down to his lowest weight since college


We sometimes forget to give defensive linemen the credit they truly deserve for being incredible athletes. They are chasing ball carriers and quarterbacks that are faster than ever, and they're doing it at 300 pounds or more.

This was brought to mind Monday when B.J. Raji, an incredibly talented interior lineman looking to make a comeback from a torn bicep in 2014, reported to camp at 327 pounds.

He was thrilled.

"I swear to God," Raji told the Journal Sentinel. "I'm 327. Haven't been this low since college."

While this could quickly be filed away under the training camp I'm in the best shape of my life cliche, it will be interesting to see how the weight loss aids Raji's movement this season.

At 29, and with a season of rest under his belt, there's plenty of miles left for the former first-round pick. Listening to him, it sounds like those miles will be far easier with a little less weight on his back.

"To me, it's more about technique in the middle," he said. "Every nose isn't humongous. There are small guys that play with good technique."

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