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Mark Sanchez: Chip Kelly questions getting old


At least a few players are getting sick and tired of answering certain questions about Chip Kelly.

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When asked about Brandon Boykin's comments after being traded to the Steelers on Sunday, quarterback Mark Sanchez had the following response:

"That's nuts. (During stretching today), guys were like, 'Sanchez, ain't you Mexican? And Bradford, aren't you Native-American? And Kiko (Alonso) is Colombian," Sanchez said, via The New York Post. "We've got black guys, white guys, Polynesian guys. C'mon, that's crazy. It's not even worth talking about. Stop asking the players about it. It's getting old."

Kelly said he was surprised by Boykin's comments when asked by reporters and wasn't sure why the former Eagles cornerback felt that way.

Boykin, for his part, clarified his comments Sunday.

"I'm not saying he's a racist at all," Boykin said. "When you are a player, you want to be able to relate to your coach outside of football. There were times, he just wouldn't talk to people. You would walk down the hallway, he wouldn't say anything to you."

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