Rex Ryan: Percy Harvin wants to moonlight as Bills CB


When Percy Harvin signed with the Buffalo Bills in March, he emphasized that he no longer wants to be considered strictly a slot receiver or gadget player.

As it turns out, Harvin has more in mind than simply running more routes outside the numbers and down the field.

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Coach Rex Ryan revealed Friday that Harvin has requested the opportunity to try his hand at cornerback.

Ryan is open to the idea, explaining that Harvin will line up at cornerback "from time to time" as an experiment.

Harvin's role will be interesting to monitor throughout August. Although he was one of the NFL's best players in the first half of the 2012 season, he has been little more than a tease since.

The Buffalo News recently projected Harvin as the No. 3 receiver behind Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods, noting that he has "needed plenty of detailed instruction on how to run routes during the offseason."

The Bills want Harvin to handle more than his usual array of screens, slants and jet sweeps, but that's going to be hard to accomplish if he is relegated to the third-receiver role in a run-first offense.

Does that leave more time for Harvin to moonlight in the secondary?

Although Harvin is an exceptional athlete, it's exceedingly rare for an established veteran to pull of a successful position switch at the highest level of football.

In other words, we'll believe it when we see it in regular-season action.

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