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Dolphins owner makes it clear playoffs are expectation


Stephen Ross is tired of the Patriots dominating his division, and after watching his new executive team load up on talent this offseason, he's quite anxious for a payoff in 2015.

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"You're God damn right," Ross said when asked if he's longing for results.

He added: "The roster, since I've been here, has never been as good."

Though it's only the opening of training camp, this is the kind of public showing that has to be terrifying for head coach Joe Philbin. Ross came out and patted the personnel department on the back, then boldly -- and humorously -- announced his expectations.

He doubled down by specifically mentioning the postseason, a place the team has not been since 2008.

"(Philbin) is expecting to make it and I'm expecting to make it," he said.

Locking down the offseason's biggest free agent will do that to you, of course. So will inking your franchise quarterback to a long-term deal (One that is relatively easy for Miami to get out of).

It's safe to say the line has been drawn for the 2015 Miami Dolphins.

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