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Greatest CFB Plays final round: Kick Six over Bluegrass Miracle

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Voting for the final round of the Greatest CFB Plays tournament has concluded. Auburn's Kick Six defeated the Bluegrass Miracle. For a full wrap-up of what we learned from the tournament, click here.

Final-round results:
Kick Six: 68 percent
Bluegrass Miracle: 32 percent

Kick Six (No. 2 seed, Urban Meyer region)

Date: Nov. 30, 2013
Summary: With one second left in regulation and the game tied at 28-28, Alabama's field goal attempt fell short and Auburn's Chris Davis caught the ball in the end zone and raced 109 yards for the winning touchdown.

Bluegrass Miracle (No. 5 seed, Bobby Bowden region)

Date: Nov. 9, 2002
Summary: On the game's final play, LSU QB Marcus Randall heaved the ball as far as he could from his own 18-yard line, but was far short of the end zone. However, the pass deflected off a Kentucky player and into the hands of LSU WR Devery Henderson, who scored the winning touchdown.

What we learned from the tournament

Tournament results:

Final round:
Kick Six (2) defeats Bluegrass Miracle (5)

Bluegrass Miracle (5) defeats Cannon's Halloween Run (2)
Kick Six (2) defeats McMahon Hail Mary (4)

Knute Rockne region:
Quarterfinal matchup: Cannon's Halloween Run (2) defeats Rodgers' return (1)
Round 2 matchups: Rodgers' return (1) defeats Harvard Beats Yale (5) | Cannon's Halloween Run (2) defeats Punt Bama Punt (6)
Round 1 matchups: Punt Bama Punt (6) defeats O.J.'s TD run (3) | Harvard Beats Yale (5) defeats Wrong Way Roy (4)
Round 1 byes: Johnny Rodgers' return (1) | Billy Cannon's Halloween Run (2)

Bear Bryant region:
Quarterfinal matchup: McMahon Hail Mary (4) defeats Hail Flutie (2)
Round 2 matchups: McMahon Hail Mary (4) defeats The Play (1) | Hail Flutie (2) defeats Walker First TD (6)
Round 1 matchups: Walker First TD (6) defeats Montana TD (3) | McMahon Hail Mary (4) defeats Scott 92-yard TD (5)
Round 1 byes: The Play (1) | Hail Flutie (2)

Bobby Bowden region:
Quarterfinal matchup: Bluegrass Miracle (5) vs. Favre's Hail Mary (2)
Round 2 matchups: Bluegrass Miracle (5) defeats Miracle in Michigan (1) | Favre's Hail Mary (2) defeats Williams Leap (6)
Round 1 matchups: Williams Leap (6) defeats Howard Heisman Pose (3) | Bluegrass Miracle (5) defeats Flea Kicker (4)
Round 1 byes: Miracle in Michigan (1) | Brett Favre's Hail Mary (2)

Urban Meyer region:
Quarterfinal matchup: Kick Six (2) vs. Statue of Liberty (1)
Round 2 matchups: Statue of Liberty (1) defeats Crabtree GW (5) | Kick Six (2) defeats VY Runs to Title (3)
Round 1 matchups: VY Runs to Title (3) defeats Prothro Catch (6) | Crabtree GW (5) defeats Bush Push (4)
Round 1 byes: Statue of Liberty (1) | Kick Six (2)

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