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Will Brandon Browner reunite with Seahawks?


Maybe New Orleans Saints cornerback Brandon Browner already misses his former team in Seattle. Or, at the least, maybe he knows how to play to a crowd.

Browner was live at Richard Sherman's celebrity softball game over the weekend, which put him in a little bit of a pickle. Seattle didn't offer him a deal to stay, after all, but would Browner really say 'I never want to come back, I hate it here?'

Even a player bred among the unplugged Legion of Boomers has a better sense of crowd control than that.

However, it will be interesting to see how the departing pieces of Seattle's historically great defenses will fare on their own. It reminds us of when Nnamdi Asomugha went solo for the first time.

From a pure love-of-the-game standpoint, playing in a scheme that accentuates your best traits is the best. Nothing tops that kind of chemistry.

Depending on how Browner's tenure in New Orleans goes, he may be trying to jet back to Seattle sooner rather than later.

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