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Greatest CFB Plays: Bluegrass Miracle defeats Favre's heave

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Voting for Round 3 of the Greatest CFB Plays tournament has concluded. The Bluegrass Miracle advanced to the semifinals to take on Billy Cannon's Halloween Run.

Round 3 poll results:
Bluegrass Miracle: 57 percent
Favre's Hail Mary: 43 percent

Favre's Hail Mary (2)

Date: Oct. 14, 1989
Summary: Brett Favre threw a Hail Mary pass that was deflected, bounced off of USM receiver Michael Jackson's helmet and into the hands of receiver Darryl Tillman, who scored the winning TD as time expired.

Bluegrass Miracle (5)

Date: Nov. 9, 2002
Summary: On the game's final play, LSU QB Marcus Randall heaved the ball as far as he could from his own 18-yard line, but was far short of the end zone. However, the pass deflected off a Kentucky player and into the hands of LSU WR Devery Henderson, who scored the winning touchdown.

What we learned from the tournament

Tournament results:

Final round:
Kick Six (2) defeats Bluegrass Miracle (5)

Bluegrass Miracle (5) defeats Cannon's Halloween Run (2)
Kick Six (2) defeats McMahon Hail Mary (4)

Knute Rockne region:
Quarterfinal matchup: Cannon's Halloween Run (2) defeats Rodgers' return (1)
Round 2 matchups: Rodgers' return (1) defeats Harvard Beats Yale (5) | Cannon's Halloween Run (2) defeats Punt Bama Punt (6)
Round 1 matchups: Punt Bama Punt (6) defeats O.J.'s TD run (3) | Harvard Beats Yale (5) defeats Wrong Way Roy (4)
Round 1 byes: Johnny Rodgers' return (1) | Billy Cannon's Halloween Run (2)

Bear Bryant region:
Quarterfinal matchup: McMahon Hail Mary (4) defeats Hail Flutie (2)
Round 2 matchups: McMahon Hail Mary (4) defeats The Play (1) | Hail Flutie (2) defeats Walker First TD (6)
Round 1 matchups: Walker First TD (6) defeats Montana TD (3) | McMahon Hail Mary (4) defeats Scott 92-yard TD (5)
Round 1 byes: The Play (1) | Hail Flutie (2)

Bobby Bowden region:
Quarterfinal matchup: Bluegrass Miracle (5) vs. Favre's Hail Mary (2)
Round 2 matchups: Bluegrass Miracle (5) defeats Miracle in Michigan (1) | Favre's Hail Mary (2) defeats Williams Leap (6)
Round 1 matchups: Williams Leap (6) defeats Howard Heisman Pose (3) | Bluegrass Miracle (5) defeats Flea Kicker (4)
Round 1 byes: Miracle in Michigan (1) | Brett Favre's Hail Mary (2)

Urban Meyer region:
Quarterfinal matchup: Kick Six (2) vs. Statue of Liberty (1)
Round 2 matchups: Statue of Liberty (1) defeats Crabtree GW (5) | Kick Six (2) defeats VY Runs to Title (3)
Round 1 matchups: VY Runs to Title (3) defeats Prothro Catch (6) | Crabtree GW (5) defeats Bush Push (4)
Round 1 byes: Statue of Liberty (1) | Kick Six (2)

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