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Seahawks' Russell Wilson on deal: 'It'll all work out'


And now, back to a high-profile contract situation that isn't working out so well.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, appearing at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday night with girlfriend Ciara, was asked about the deal on the red carpet. He sounded confident.

"It'll all work out," he said, via

He added: "I love Seattle, it's a great city. I'm going to play my butt off every day. That's all I know, and we'll see what happens."

That same night, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was snagged on another red carpet. Via The Seattle Times, there wasn't anything substantive to be discussed.

"Well, he's crucial, as are all of our guys, and we want him back playing for us forever," Carroll said. "There's a lot of work being done. It's underway right now and maybe it happens, I don't know. We're hoping for it."

There are enough people in the industry who believe Wilson and the Seahawks are miles apart to paint a pretty grim picture of the situation. While the Seahawks will probably make another run at Wilson before camp, it doesn't necessarily sound like a Dez Bryant situation, in which both sides just need a long night together.

Luckily for Seattle, Wilson has already said he'll play for the $1.542 million he's owed this year.

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