Marshawn Lynch boots ball into orbit during kickball match

  • By Manouk Akopyan NFL.com
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I've not played kickball since fifth grade, but if I did, I'd be feverishly studying tape of Marshawn Lynch right about now to be the superstar I always wanted to be each day at recess.

At his recent Fam 1st Family Foundation community barbecue in Oakland, Calif., Beast Mode twice blasted a ball into orbit during a kickball match.

Playing against a team headed by his cousin and NFL quarterback Josh Johnson, the foundation's president, you'll see Lynch pulverizing a ball in an absolute moon shot. The first one clears an oak tree, then vanishes into the abyss. It certainly hasn't landed yet.

It's the type of kick that if video didn't exist, Mickey Mantle-like legends would be passed from generation-to-generation on just how far the ball was launched.

But thankfully it's 2015 and everything is documented via video. Even terrible biopics.

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