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Diehl: Pierre-Paul's immaturity throws up red flags


The Giants, more than many NFL organizations, create a familial atmosphere that sticks with players long after they retire.

So it's no surprise that a few of Jason Pierre-Paul's former teammates aren't pleased with the idea that Pierre-Paul would keep the organization at arm's length during his recovery process from an amputated finger and broken thumb.

David Diehl, a long-time stalwart on the team's offensive line and current analysts for the NFL on Fox, had this to say:

"Denying the New York Giants access because technically you're not under contract," Diehl said, via Sirius XM and, "it's almost a slap in the face to the New York Giants, because of everything they've done for you up until this point."

He later added: "If you need someone to watch you going into your sixth year because of immaturity, yeah that's throwing up red flags for everybody that -- why would you invest in a long-term deal into someone you're not 100 percent confident in day in and day out?"

To be fair to Diehl, his remarks were made before the story on Jason Pierre-Paul's amputation broke. A lot has changed since then and his comments should be placed in the proper context. That being said, he probably speaks for a good number of Giants players who want the best for Pierre-Paul, but who also think he should let the organization help him.

At the moment, it may be adding insult to injury.

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