Calvin Johnson: I still have some good years left


Calvin Johnson thinks you should stick around awhile. There are still plenty of good Megatron years to come.

"No doubt," he told The Detroit Free Press. "What did I miss, four, almost five games last year? Still came up with just over 1,000 (yards). I still have some (good years) left."

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Though this was never in dispute, there have been questions about Johnson's longevity when compared to his salary. In 2016, he's scheduled to count $24 million against Detroit's salary camp, a mammoth number for a player that will be 30 years old.

Still, arguing against keeping Johnson is difficult. As he said himself, he topped 1,000 yards (for the fifth straight season) despite playing in just 13 games. He's also in an offense that has more potential targets than ever before.

The Lions will inevitably have to decide if there is a Matthew Stafford without a Calvin Johnson and vice versa, seeing as both of their respective contract situations could come to a head around the same time.

Until then, no one is willing to go out on a limb and say Johnson is in decline. Assuming the offense evolves around him, the best may be yet to come.

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