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Romo invited to fan's wedding, awful trend continues


The next wave of awful sports fan internet trends has arrived.

Back in the good old days, people would just film their screaming, crying children in team jerseys and they'd get to meet Champ Bailey.

Now, they invite them to their weddings.

Peyton Manning declined an invitation back in 2013 from a fan that admired his career and Eagles coach Chip Kelly did the same in 2014 from a couple that thought it would be funny to invite Chip Kelly to their wedding.

On Wednesday, brought us another one: Tony Romo.

The fan also specifically cited the Manning example, noting that there were autographs involved.

All of the athletes have handled this situation with grace. Romo even sent the couple an autographed picture, which seems to be the end game for all of these people anyway.

What would they actually do if Manning, Romo or Kelly showed up?

Missing the most important night of your life to grill an NFL head coach on his theories about the power spread is certainly an interesting way to go. Maybe these couples have visions of playing two-hand touch at the reception hall and need a really, really solid all-time quarterback?

Anyway, let's not test the limits of these players' generosity, unless you really expect them to be at your wedding. This is another NFL internet trend that can gently fade away.

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