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Fans vote Auburn's Kick Six greatest CFB play of all time

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Throughout the month of July, CFB 24/7 has allowed fans to determine the greatest college football play of all time from a 24-play field of great moments in the game's rich history.

Voting closed on Friday, and we have a clear winner: Auburn's Kick Six. Here's a look at how the tournament played out:

What we learned from the tournament

Tournament results:

Final round:
Kick Six (2) defeats Bluegrass Miracle (5)

Bluegrass Miracle (5) defeats Cannon's Halloween Run (2)
Kick Six (2) defeats McMahon Hail Mary (4)

Knute Rockne region:
Quarterfinal matchup: Cannon's Halloween Run (2) defeats Rodgers' return (1)
Round 2 matchups: Rodgers' return (1) defeats Harvard Beats Yale (5) | Cannon's Halloween Run (2) defeats Punt Bama Punt (6)
Round 1 matchups: Punt Bama Punt (6) defeats O.J.'s TD run (3) | Harvard Beats Yale (5) defeats Wrong Way Roy (4)
Round 1 byes: Johnny Rodgers' return (1) | Billy Cannon's Halloween Run (2)

Bear Bryant region:
Quarterfinal matchup: McMahon Hail Mary (4) defeats Hail Flutie (2)
Round 2 matchups: McMahon Hail Mary (4) defeats The Play (1) | Hail Flutie (2) defeats Walker First TD (6)
Round 1 matchups: Walker First TD (6) defeats Montana TD (3) | McMahon Hail Mary (4) defeats Scott 92-yard TD (5)
Round 1 byes: The Play (1) | Hail Flutie (2)

Bobby Bowden region:
Quarterfinal matchup: Bluegrass Miracle (5) vs. Favre's Hail Mary (2)
Round 2 matchups: Bluegrass Miracle (5) defeats Miracle in Michigan (1) | Favre's Hail Mary (2) defeats Williams Leap (6)
Round 1 matchups: Williams Leap (6) defeats Howard Heisman Pose (3) | Bluegrass Miracle (5) defeats Flea Kicker (4)
Round 1 byes: Miracle in Michigan (1) | Brett Favre's Hail Mary (2)

Urban Meyer region:
Quarterfinal matchup: Kick Six (2) vs. Statue of Liberty (1)
Round 2 matchups: Statue of Liberty (1) defeats Crabtree GW (5) | Kick Six (2) defeats VY Runs to Title (3)
Round 1 matchups: VY Runs to Title (3) defeats Prothro Catch (6) | Crabtree GW (5) defeats Bush Push (4)
Round 1 byes: Statue of Liberty (1) | Kick Six (2)

The 24-play field -- and the tournament seedings -- were determined by a panel of CFB 24/7 experts. The tournament had five rounds of voting in a typical bracket style format, with eight great plays earning first-round byes. The plays with the most votes within its matchup at the end of each round advanced to the next round of voting. The plays were divided into four, six-play regions, with the four regions named after legendary coaches spanning the game's early formative years (Knute Rockne) to the modern day (Urban Meyer).

Just missing the cut in the 24-play tournament were Sirr Parker's OT touchdown for Texas A&M against Kansas State in the 1998 Big 12 Championship Game, Miami's third-and-43 conversion against Notre Dame in 1989, Florida State's "puntrooskie" against Clemson in 1988, Tommie Frazier's 75-yard touchdown run in Nebraska's win over Florida in the 1996 Fiesta Bowl and Drew Tate's last-second touchdown pass in Iowa's win over LSU in the 2005 Capital One Bowl.

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