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Chris Borland: Health more important than money


Former 49ers linebacker Chris Borland made a statement about his health following a shocking retirement this offseason.

But that's not the main topic of conversation the 24-year-old is having when approached by those who are curious about his decision.

"That has been the biggest surprise for me," Borland said at a recent charity golf outing, via the Journal Sentinel. "People can't get over the money.

"That's all they think about. But your health is a little more important."

Borland had to return roughly $460,000 of his signing bonus following his decision.

Borland's issue illustrates a major misunderstanding about the current state of the league. On the surface, NFL players are always associated with a dollar figure, and have been for quite some time since the idea of the million-dollar athlete became prevalent.

Unfortunately, it overshadows what Borland feels is a talking point worth spending some time on; one that caused a very early exit after a promising rookie year.

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