Cody Latimer vows to get on field for Denver Broncos


Of all the young receivers ready to take a big leap in 2015, Denver Broncos' Cody Latimer remains the biggest mystery.

Rarely seeing the field last season, the 6-foot-2 Latimer caught just two passes. While he might not "Make the Leap" into stardom this season, the second-year player vowed to put the past behind him.

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"Last year was a disappointment to myself. I hated not being on that field," Latimer told The Denver Post. "I took it as an oath of mine. This year I'm going to get on that field. I'm going to study extra and do whatever I need to do."

Latimer worked out with Peyton Manning this season and took advantage of additional starter snaps with Demaryius Thomas sitting out workouts as he battles for a new contract. More than anything Latimer dove into Gary Kubiak's playbook. While he struggled to catch on to the offense last year, Latimer found it easier this time around.

"It's much easier to catch on. It gives you time to play fast; you don't have to think so much," Latimer said. "Not as many adjustments in this offense. Once you know what you're doing out of the huddle, you stick with that. No changing on the run."

Coming out of college, Latimer boasted size and speed that could excel at the NFL level. He just never caught up to the mental side of the game. Teammates saw a different player this offseason, with Brock Osweiler saying the wideout is "ready for a breakout season."

"I didn't have the opportunity to get on the field because I wasn't doing my job," Latimer said. "This year, they'll know who I am."

If he is who he says he is, Latimer should see plenty of time on the outside in three-receiver sets as the Broncos try to find targets to help mitigate the loss of Julius Thomas.

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