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David Bakhtiari no longer fears talking to Rodgers


One of the bonuses of being a Green Bay Packers offensive lineman is that you get to block for Aaron Rodgers, a quarterback who can make life pretty easy when things are rolling.

One of the drawbacks, though, is that you have to block for Aaron Rodgers. And he can be a little intimidating.

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"I didn't really talk to Aaron (Rodgers)," Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari said of his rookie season, via Fox Sports Wisconsin. "I was like, 'If he speaks to me, I'll speak to him.' If he didn't speak to me, I didn't want to go up to him unless he wanted to engage in a conversation."

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Now entering his third season, Bakhtiari isn't looked at as the kind of prime "Making the Leap" candidate as some others are but he should be.

His sack numbers at left tackle dwindled from eight to six and his run blocking efficiency has gotten better with time.

As the years go on and Bakhtiari graduates from his rookie deal, the Packers will be hoping that they've created a franchise left tackle through trial by fire. It would be an immense coup for general manager Ted Thompson who only has one first-round pick -- right tackle Bryan Bulaga -- protecting the league's greatest quarterback.

No other offensive lineman among the Packers' starting five was taken higher than the fourth round.

But if Green Bay has the guts to mold this type of line around Rodgers, there's no doubt they have the guts to wait for Bakhtiari to make the leap.

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