Report: Bucs plan to use VR to help Jameis Winston


The lengths the Tampa Bay Buccaneers want to go to ensure Jameis Winston's success have reached the virtual.

Following the Dallas Cowboys' lead, the Bucs plans to purchase a virtual reality system to aid the quarterback's development, FOX Sports reported Friday.

"It might be good for Jameis," offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter said. "He is a film junkie. We have looked into that."

That last point is salient. As part of the hours and hours of background work the franchise did on Winston leading up to the draft, they know how he works best and what could help him improve at the rapid pace the NFL demands.

"I visualize the concept and go through my reads with no one out there," Winston told FOX Sports of his current methods. "I haven't done any virtual things. I know the Cowboys have got it."

The issue for the Bucs is they are behind the game. The team wants to have virtual reality, but hasn't yet found the right system.

"What I tell vendors that come in to show us stuff is that we need it today," Koetter said. "Some people tell us, 'This will be ready in three months. I say, 'No, Jameis needs this tomorrow.'"

With visual reps a huge bonus for developing young quarterbacks off the field, virtual reality is likely something every team eventually buys into.

For now, the Bucs hope to implement it in time to escalate Winston's development.

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